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Tips in Editorial Writing

Tips in Editorial Writing

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1. Use the “we” approach or the 3rd person, since an editorial represents a group opinion.

2. Build the opinion from a newspeg. An editorial is not just a mere opinion but it is pegged on a news event, idea, or a news story.

3. For controversial issues, present both sides; take up the advantages and advantages. Ask the readers to decide or come up with their opinion or concept.

4. If you need to take sides, be on the right track; support and sustain good deeds; commend exemplary actions or projects.

5. If you may attack, attack the situation, the problem or the issue, not the person.

6. While we can educate, inform, explain, and influence readers through the editorial, we have to avoid preachiness.

7. We can use beautiful language as we may depending upon the purpose to be achieved in writing the editorial.

8. The editorial title like the lead or the first sentence or paragraph should be catchy and one that attracts or compels readers to read the story or material.

9. The conclusion should flow naturally from the lead to the details in the development of the body of the story.

10. Like the feature story, the editorial should have a catchy title, attractive lead, organized body and a conclusion that would help shape readers’ opinion over issues and concerns presented.

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    thanks for the tips! :)

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    hanako michiko

    thanks a lot!=)

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    Janette Ann Reid

    nice one :)

    very helpful :bd

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    Hinamori Amu

    thanks a lot! i was writing one right now this is helpful! once again thank you ^_^

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    thank you for the tips :D :putnam:

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    carmela santuyo

    thanks. i think i will win the contest because of this tips in editorial…

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    WOW, I checked all you tips,

    And guess what, I passed my TEACHER’S EXAM because of this. I am finally a journalist! THNX.

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    Tomorrow is the day of OUR fight… mice tips by the way.. :) thanks…

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    Thanks for the tIps!! it helped me a lot!!:)

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    thank you so much for your tips. It really mean a lot to me as a beginner, who have a passaion in writing.

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      Hello kriSilvano! it’s good to hear you have a passion in writing, that will be your strongest edge! continue writing and loving it!

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    Hilary Soriano

    Was very helpful for me, especially now that I’m training for the Regional Schools Press Conference and deeply aspiring to conquer the National Press Conference. I was indeed helped. Thank You, and keep it up :)

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      wow Hilary! Congratulations for successfully surpassing Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) and the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC)…good luck on your battle in Puerto Princessa Palawan for the Nationals!!!!

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    tnk u so much for your tips,help me a lot..:D

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    thank you for the tips I learned a lot from those tips… pls. pray for me that I will win my compitition about Editorial Writing… pls…. thanks again.. :)

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    thank you for the helpful tip……hope it can help me tommorow!!!!!

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    THANKZ for the tips..,

    MORE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

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    gud tips indeed..we need more of such,,,gud writing is the strength of every good and powerful journalist

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