Tips in School Administration

Excerpts from a lecture by: Dr. Lourdes D. Servito

School Administration and Management

1. Have a burning desire to continually learn.

2. Be an advocate of changes for the better (reforms) and continuous improvement.

3. Create teams, innovative activities to develop talents and achieve goals.


4. Set targets, goals, vision and mission, and plan, work towards attaining such.

5. Establish open lines of communication.

6. Inspire people to do good continuously.

7. Help others succeed in their chosen fields and lines of interest.

8. Be a role model of positive values/attitudes/behaviour.

9. Work,laugh, and celebrate achievements with your staff.

10. Praise good works/dees…reprimand violators and “lazy bones.”

11. Power up commitment and dedication to work.

12. Exemplify patience and diligence.

Remember the Gospel or Work from David O. Mckay

“The privilege to WORK is a GIFT; the power to WORK is a BLESSING; and the LOVE of WORK is SUCCESS.”

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