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Tips for a Good Grammar

Tips for a Good Grammar

3 Comments 🕔16.Jul 2009

As second speakers of the English language, attaining the level of proficiency is indeed challenging; taking another consideration the natural complexity of the language. One of the secrets on gaining a good command of the language is sufficient and deep immersion in its usage – years of training, hard work, and practice.

Studying English at an early age is the best way. Children trained to speak the language as a medium for casual conversation at home are the ones closest to English expertise as they grow up. For those who started studying the English grammar at their adult years, the best tool is study and practice.


First things first. Learn the English grammar theoretically.
Here are the fundamentals that will aid you on your way to English excellence:

1. First, learn what is a sentence, a phrase, and a clause. Know their differences.

2. Next, study the parts of a sentence – the subject and the predicate; and learn the sentence errors.

3. Then, you should be able to recognize a complete sentence or a grammatically correct sentence from the one that is not.

4. Following these should be lessons on the eight Parts of Speech. You should be able to tell if a word is used as a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, or as an interjection.

5. Afterwards, study the rules on Subject-Verb Agreement.

6. Learn Verb Tense.

After learning these canons of the English grammar, you should continuously use the language and practice speaking or writing in English everyday. Schedule a time daily for it, 10 minutes a day is good — 1 hour is best!


  1. 🕔 17:20, 18.Jul 2009


    I love the English language. It seems I feel at home with it. That’s why I speak English to my family members even at home(in the Philippines). I talked to my three daughters in English even while they were yet in the womb,and in the crib, but later as they grew up with kids in the neighborhood speaking the dialect, they also easily learn the other languages and for sure, they didn’t forget their English.
    All three of them are now teaching English…

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  2. 🕔 22:29, 20.Jul 2009


    Would you believe I learned to read English even before going to school?.. Yup, I did. Whats the medium, you ask?.. Its.. well.. uhm.. Superman and Ghostbusters comics! Hahah! Honest. :D

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  3. 🕔 22:47, 20.Jul 2009

    alice c paredes

    English is a beautiful and prolific language. It is still growing and becoming more complex in its variety and usage.
    But the most important thing to remember is its basic foundation in the agreement of the verbs and the subjects; tenses, pronunciation and many more.
    The more English is used , the more it becomes fascinating.Ergo, it is the King’s language.

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