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North Shore’s 40-foot waves

Friday, July 17th, 2009:

It was January 28, 2003, my cousin Jazlyn’s baby luau. Uncle Gary with his bulky truck drove two hours from Waipahu to the north of Oahu where BYUH sits. My roommate Apple and I jumped up the back of the Nissan Frontier while Mommy sat beside Uncle. We took a few pictures before he started the engine. On the way, we were still striking some poses and flashing big smiles; which obviously showed our excitement. As we pass by Sunset Beach my attention was caught by people huddling by the seashore – the sea was raging with its 40-foot waves! […] Read More →

Tips for a Good Grammar

Thursday, July 16th, 2009:

As second speakers of the English language, attaining the level of proficiency is indeed challenging; taking another consideration the natural complexity of the language. One of the secrets on gaining a good command of the language is sufficient and deep immersion in its usage – years of training, hard work, and practice. Studying English at an early age is the best way. Children trained to speak the language as a medium for casual conversation at home are the ones closest to English expertise as they grow up. For those who started studying the English grammar at their adult years, the […] Read More →

Mysteries of Heaven

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009:

(This was one of the articles [based on a true story] I wrote for my writing class back in college at BYUH, in 2005; under the human interest story) In the “Joseph’s Smith’s Discourse,” it was written: “When you stare at the stars for five minutes, you will learn of heaven more than what is written about it.” Janette Manzano, sophomore in TESOL once mentioned this quote to her roommate Joann Diray, sophomore, biology student. The mysteries of heaven, then literally unveiled for both of them. That same night, May 13, the two went stargazing at around midnight. They laid […] Read More →


Tuesday, July 14th, 2009:

By: Dr. Lourdes D. Servito (November 2005) Service is our mission in this life; Excellence remains to be a goal and dream. Reverence is love, more than anything else. Versatility is not elusive; it is a choice, Intelligence is the glory of God; it’s a precious gift; Talents when shared bear good fruits and have multiplying effects, Ordinary people can have extraordinary toils and dreams. “Families can be together forever,” this is our belief. Amidst trials and adversities we use our strength and faith; Many more challenges, we know we have to bear and face. In these trying times, we […] Read More →

Mr. Touch’s touching tale

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009:

(This was one of the feature articles I wrote when I was working at the Ke Alaka’i [The Leader, BYUH’s university paper]; about Sophornn Touch’s inspiring story on his pursuit of learning and being educated. Date published: January 26, 2005. Headline altered.) Walking for three months at the young age of 14 from his home country of Battambang, Cambodia to Thailand, BYU-Hawaii student Sophornn Youch, 29, carried along with him a strong desire for an education. He came to Thailand with zilch — no money, no food — basically nothing. “When I was little, I didn’t see education [as being] […] Read More →

My first dip into the Hawaiian waters

Monday, July 13th, 2009:

Gray, coarse sand; non-exhilarating waves; and murky shore; that’ how beaches looked like to me until I had my first plunge into the Hawaiian waters — white, fine sad; thrill-filled waves; and clear, blue waters. It was in September of 2002. My elder sister Dolour tugged us along (my friends and I) to Hukilau Beach, just a stone-throw away from BYUH. The first sight of the azure sky, crystal-clear waters, boosted by the calm kiss of fresh air and the soothing touch of the non-scorching sun, made us charge the tempting sea! Our being non-swimmers made it absurd to do […] Read More →

The day we found out…

Monday, July 13th, 2009:

I frequently got up at night to visit the comfort room; one thing I don’t usually do, my abdomen seemed to be thickening for some reason I’m puzzled with, my breasts were full and swelling with pain, a few touch or movement, even the pull of gravity ouched me. Came early morning of March 3, I did a typical visit to the C.R. but this time holding a half-filled dipper with me after the routine. Then with just four drops (of you know) on an oval shaped, chip-like device we bought, two purple lines appeared within split seconds. I am […] Read More →

Ironically Ironic: On Michael Jackson

Thursday, July 9th, 2009:

Ironies loom upon the death of a person especially during his or her funeral service. At the last tribute for the King of Pop at the Staples Center in California only good words, praises, and expressions of love and gratitude were heard and felt for Michael, when not so long ago, people bombarded him with controversies, judgements, criticisms, and disgusts. Things suddenly turned upside down. Out of the blue, people forgot about the pedophile issue, the hot buzz on his sex change, his intriguing marriages and divorce, physical alterations and so on. Way before his death, the only positive thing […] Read More →

Keys to Achieving Academic Excellence

Thursday, July 9th, 2009:

Excerpts from a lecture by Dr. Lourdes D. Servito (Resource speaker during the Multi-stake Youth Conference at Villa Jireh, Labrador, Pangasinan, May 14, 2008) Knowledge is Power “Katarungan Laban sa Kahirapan” –war against poverty Attitude determines Altitude “How high you can reach depends upon your attitude.” Skills for Success in Studies • Study Skills: Organizing notes, note taking, note making, library skills • Communication Skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening • Lifelong Skills: livelihood, stress management, problem solving, decision-making, communicating orally or in writing, getting help and assistance. Habits are what we repeatedly do. “We are what we repeatedly do.” EXCELLENCE, […] Read More →

Ironically Ironic: On Communication

Thursday, July 9th, 2009:

It’s pretty ironic how easier and more frequent for people to utter words of gratitude, extend compliments, appreciation, and express love or apologies to each other through a medium like short message system (SMS or texting), electronic mail, online chatting, or through snail mailed letters, than in a face-to-face communication. In my Critical Thinking Class back in college at BYUH, I was very reserved, refusing to participate in class discussion. I barely even talked to my professor; Bro. Compton, who was at the same time my dean. One time I needed to take a make-up exam from his class so […] Read More →

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