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Tips to Improve Writing Skills

Friday, June 1st, 2012:

Articles about tips to improve writing skills are truly worth reading. They are a good source of knowledge and smart ideas on what to avoid when writing and what to remember which eventually would lead to developing your writing skills. Here are some tips to improve writing skills: Since there are many forms of writing, you better know first what type you are writing. Know the purpose of your piece. Know the reason why you are writing and to whom it is intended for. Once you have identified what kind of writing form you need to write, find out who […] Read More →

A Happy Face

Friday, March 9th, 2012:

When I was in 3rd year high school my classmate Josephine oddly told me “You always have a happy face; I hardly see you sad or worried; maybe only when minor things happen like when you lose your pen or something.” By then I realized that perhaps I am a happy person; and it’s a good feeling that others see and feel that radiance in me. I also remember what quotation I always write on the line “favorite motto” in my classmates’ slumbook: “A smile is a curve line that sets things straight.” Indeed, I considered that my life’s motto for so many years. […] Read More →

Tips in Writing a Good Introduction

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012:

Tips in Writing a Good Introduction Writing a good introduction is like writing a love letter addressed to a woman with the aim to catch her attention and eventually, if possible, fall in love with the writer. The main goal in writing a good introduction is to catch your readers’ attention in the first few seconds of reading. The introduction is your hook that will urge them to continue on reading until they finish; and gradually make them go from appreciating your story, to liking it, to loving it. Here are some tips in writing a good introduction: 1. Tell […] Read More →

What is editing?

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012:

Editing and proofreading are similar with each other; but editing is more in-depth in correcting mistakes than the later. But editing is the process concentrated more on “improving” words, sentences, and paragraphs rather than “correcting” errors. Editing and proofreading are interconnected. You also use proofreading or copy reading symbols when you edit. You can proofread while editing at the same time, that is if you are skilled enough to spot the “tiny” and “big” mistakes all at once. It takes a lot of training to successfully fulfill such multitasking. As an editor you need to dig deeper on what needs […] Read More →

Tips in Proofreading

Monday, February 20th, 2012:

Tips in Proofreading Proofreading your own essay or story is doubly challenging than proofreading others’ works, because writers have the tendency to be biased with their own work, considering it good-to-go. Sometimes they tend to overlook their own mistakes unintentionally. So it is wise to possess and hone proofreading skills. If you are proofreading others’ works though, these tips might also be helpful to you. 1. Use a spell checker and a grammar checker. For the initial proofreading, use such tools but do not rely on these only. 2. Read not browse. Silently read your essay or story from start […] Read More →

Writing with Clarity

Thursday, February 9th, 2012:

Writing with clarity is fundamental. It is a must, otherwise you as a writer will fail in the initial objective in writing, and that is to bring the message across and be understood. There are some important rules to follow to achieve writing with clarity. Provide proper antecedent for pronouns.  Example: My father’s black car was purchased a year ago from my uncle who owns a car dealer shop. Whenever he sees it, he remembers how thrilled he was with the car.  Who is referred to by  the “he”? My father? Or my uncle? The antecedent of pronouns should be […] Read More →

Challenges of a Writer

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012:

Challenges of a Writer Like in any other fields, there are challenges of a writer as well. If an endeavor is not taken with a challenge or simply done with pure ease, it will be less than fulfilling. One should one way or another, shed sweat and tears in order to feel the genuine essence of achievement. 1. The Topic. The first challenge a writer must face is the topic itself, specially if it is an assigned topic in school or at work. If you fail in surmounting this first challenge, these is no way you will finish your story […] Read More →

Why Writing Skills are Important

Monday, February 6th, 2012:

Why Writing Skills are Important Why writing skills are important? Unlike any other skills, writing skills are important universally. They are needed in any field, or endeavor one is. And since there are only two way (speaking and writing) by which can express one’s feelings, thoughts, desires, and intentions undoubtedly these skills are essential. Everyone should aim and strive to possess and develop these skills. Writing skills are important in personality development since it says a lot of things about you. Your characters or behavior could be mirrored by the way you write, or how well you write. Writing skills […] Read More →

Characteristics of a Good Writer

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012:

Characteristics of a Good Writer As promised,here are some characteristics of a good writer, a post similar to my previous one entitled Qualities of a Good Writer. But this one will give you additional ideas on what characteristics you need to attain to become a good and effective writer while is it enriched by great quotations from great writers. There are a number of characteristics of a good writer, here are but a few of them: 1. Patient. Good and effective writing do not come overnight. You need to be patient. Good things happen when you wait and have an […] Read More →

Qualities of a Good Writer

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012:

Qualities of a Good Writer There are qualities of a good writer which you should learn to possess and develop. If you want to attain them, you need to be determined and committed in doing whatever it takes that would help you better your writing skills. It would take a lot of work and practice. The qualities of a good writer do not come overnight, much more when you want to gain the qualities of a better writer. There are differences between a good writer and a better one. You need to have lots of writing experiences, so you could […] Read More →

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