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Kinds of Features

Thursday, February 10th, 2011:

1. News Feature. This is some kind of a news event but the story goes deeper than a news item as more background information and related details are presented and expounded on. 2. Character Sketch or Profile. This article features a person, popular or not, rich or poor, but has done something worth publishing or is currently engaged in an interesting or profitable endeavor. 3. Developmental feature. This features some current or newly launched projects or programs of the government that need to be disseminated and that would draw public support. 4. Service feature or “how to.” This deals with […] Read More →

Servito sisters conduct Journalism Summer Camp

Thursday, August 26th, 2010:

The Servito tres marias, Maria Dolour Servito-Navarra, Journa Liz Servito-Ramirez, and Maria April Sunday Servito who were all graduates of communications and journalism conducted a Journalism writing camp at the SERVITO’s KSS Learning Center, May 18-21, 2010. The eight penpushers were taught news writing, feature writing, editorial writing, copy reading and headlining, photojournalism, cartooning, and lay outing. They were also asked to write articles, draw editorial cartoons, and layout pictures with their own captions which all underwent editing and critiquing. Jerald Maningding, one of the attendees, stressed that the said journalism camp was more “detailed and comprehensible” than the other […] Read More →

Tips in Feature Writing #2

Thursday, September 17th, 2009:

Tips in Feature Writing 1. Avoid Wordiness. If you can express your thoughts in one or a few words or phrases the better. This would make your feature story more profound and would avoid the “elementary” and running-round-the-bush effect. Prefer words or phrases that are featurized and concise. The most effective way to avoid wordiness is to have a wide vocabulary. Example: “She was not given her rights to be educated,” is good, but “She was deprived of her rights to be educated” is better. Even though the two sentences have the same number of words, the vocabulary word “deprived” […] Read More →

Servito Lectures on Feature Writing

Saturday, August 29th, 2009:

Dr. Lourdes D. Servito, KSS Consultant, veteran school paper adviser now a principal, lectured on feature writing during the three-day Refional Training Workshop on Campus Journalism for Advisers and campus journalists at the Juan G. Macaraeg National High School, Binalonan, Pangasinan. The workshop was attended by some 500 young penpushers from the various public and private elementary and secondary schools of DepEd Region I, Aug. 23-25, with Pangasinan II division as host. Simultaneous lectures on the different journalistic writings were conducted with the local media men and other experienced paper advisers as resource persons in newswriting, editorial writing, copyreading and […] Read More →

What is Feature Writing?

Thursday, July 30th, 2009:

Excerpts from a lecture by Dr. Lourdes D. Servito What is this thing called FEATURE? Why is it known as the jewel of the newspaper? What happens to a newspaper without the features? FEATURE spells: F – factual not fictitious E – Entertaining A – appealing to the emotions T – timely or not timely U – unusual R – reader-oriented E – explanation, extrapolation – extending or projecting known info The jewel or gem (precious stone) of the newspaper  –  something treasured for “time and eternity” Where can we find these “jewels”? 1.    newspapers’ entertainment sections 2.    magazine stories […] Read More →

Tips in Feature Writing

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009:

Here are some simple tips in enhancing your feature writing. 1. Use alliterations. Example: “We happily hopped out the truck…” “[The rain] waltzed with the wind!” “Nothing super specific. Nothing deadly demanding. Nothing surprisingly strange.” “The only things duplicated close to reality were our smiles exuding excitement.” “…it could mean a warm welcome, a bubbly birthday greeting, a great gratitude, a crowning congratulations, a friendly farewell…” 2. Use rhymes. The tone of your piece is vital. Sprinkling some rhymes will make the feature more readable. But be aware not to overdo it, or your write-up will end up as a […] Read More →

My Pregnancy: 1st Trimester

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009:

No morning sickness. No dizziness. No nausea. My practitioner said, “Good for you.” Indeed; it was a blessing. No early and unwanted signs of the first trimester. I wanted and needed to work. Otherwise I’ll be as bedridden, immobilized, and could possibly be hospitalized as how my Mother was when she was conceiving me. Those were also some of the reasons why we didn’t find out at once about my pregnancy until one month after conceiving. Recalling the first 30 days I got pregnant but unaware of it, I could point out signs; yet subtle ones. . I always got […] Read More →

Guidelines in Feature Writing

Monday, July 20th, 2009:

Excerpts from a lecture by Dr. Lourdes D. Servito (Lecture delivered during the Division Journalism Workshop held at Pangasinan National High School, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Oct. 8-10, 2008) 1.    Use the “You” approach or the 3rd person. Ex: Are you health-conscious? Beware of milk and milk products with melamine. 2.    Use the feature leads, NOT dull beginnings or “kitchen sink.” Ex:  “The façade still stands. Newly-painted concrete walls are still seen erected. But all wooden structures from the roofs to the ceilings and dividers are totally charred and pulverized into black and grey ashes and soot.” OR “The majestic municipal hall […] Read More →

I Miss You My Hawaii

Saturday, July 18th, 2009:

This is one of my favorite Hawaiian songs ever. It was sang and performed by the Hawaiian trio Na Leo Pilimehana; and this was their number one song; the most famous one, released in 2000. NA LEO PILIMEHANA, which in Hawaiian means the voices blending together in warmth, is the most popular, most award-winning and biggest selling female Hawaiian group in the World. Na Leo consists of three childhood friends, Nalani Choy, Lehua Kalima Heine and Angela Morales. These three Hawaiian women run their own record label; compose, write lyrics, record and perform music; they do volunteer work; play sports […] Read More →

Things I miss about Hawaii

Saturday, July 18th, 2009:

I miss the rainbows of Hawaii. They say that at the end of a rainbow rests a pot of gold. It was only in Hawaii where I have seen the literal end of those mysterious bows of colors. It was morning when I was strolling down the campus of BYUH when transparent rows of colors rested upon the green leaves of a petite coconut tree; almost kissing the ground. I didn’t see any pot of gold. Yet the fact that I have actually saw something close to a myth –that is the end of a rainbow; for me is more […] Read More →

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