Smart Tips to Improve Writing Skills

Improve Writing Skills

Just like what I have said many times, to improve writing skills is a process. There are no magic tricks; there are no shortcuts. If you really want to improve writing skills, you need to exert ample time and effort. Obtaining good and effective writing skills require dedication, study, patience, and time. Good things happen when we work hard for it.

Here are some smart tips to improve writing skills.

  • Offer to proofread, edit, or give feedback on others’ articles.

I have already mentioned that asking other people to read through your article and give comments is one way to improve writing skills, since their constructive criticisms would help you realize the things you are doing right and the things you need to improve on.

It is also a very good idea to do it the other way around. Ask someone if you could go over his write-up or feature story and then give your comments and suggestions. You could even look for possible errors; try to proofread or edit the article. In this way you could have the perspective of the reader. You could experience how a reader thinks and reacts. Then apply in your own work the things you have learned from this experience.

  • Apply the number 3.

If you are a beginner in writing, try experimenting using the number 3. There are three important parts of any written work– 1. Introduction or Lead 2. Body 3. Conclusion or Ending. You should always have these three elements for you to have a “complete” article.

When you are having a practice writing exercise, write a 3-paragraph or a 300-word article, 100 words for the Introduction or Lead, 100 words for the Body, and another 100 words for the Conclusion or Ending. Have and explain or describe three points in your 300-word story, one for each paragraph. Just remember that those three main points or three ideas are interconnected with each other for your story to have a good flow of thoughts.

  • Use punctuations correctly.

Punctuations may be very small but their size does not make them less important. Sadly, they are taken for granted most of the time. A missing or misplaced comma could ruin your whole sentence, and could badly damage your whole article. So do not take for granted these little elements. Learn and study how to properly use them.

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