Servito Lectures on Feature Writing


Dr. Lourdes D. Servito
, KSS Consultant, veteran school paper adviser now a principal, lectured on feature writing during the three-day Refional Training Workshop on Campus Journalism for Advisers and campus journalists at the Juan G. Macaraeg National High School, Binalonan, Pangasinan.

The workshop was attended by some 500 young penpushers from the various public and private elementary and secondary schools of DepEd Region I, Aug. 23-25, with Pangasinan II division as host.

Simultaneous lectures on the different journalistic writings were conducted with the local media men and other experienced paper advisers as resource persons in newswriting, editorial writing, copyreading and headline writing, photojournalism, sportswriting, radio broadcasting, and editorial cartooning.

After each lecture, writing workshops followed and the lecturers were tasked to read and comment on the participants’ outputs to help them out in improving their writing styles. The resource persons were also obliged to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the articles reviewed during the critique session.

Dr. Servito observed that the feature writers have a good stock of vocabulary, and were able to come up with creatuve titles and interesting feature leads.

Some of the points that need improvement however, included establishing connectivity and transition from the title to the lead, lead to the body, and from the body to the conclusion of the feature story. Choosing the right word, accuracy in fact, and editorializing were also some of the common concerns among the young writers.

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