The Servito Family

The Servito Family

By: Dr. Lourdes D. Servito (November 2005)

Service is our mission in this life;

The Servito-Navarra Family

The Servito-Navarra Family

Excellence remains to be a goal and dream.

Reverence is love, more than anything else.

Versatility is not elusive; it is a choice,

Intelligence is the glory of God; it’s a precious gift;

Talents when shared bear good fruits and have multiplying effects,

Ordinary people can have extraordinary toils and dreams.

“Families can be together forever,” this is our belief.

The Servito-Ramirez Family

The Servito-Ramirez Family

Amidst trials and adversities we use our strength and faith;

Many more challenges, we know we have to bear and face.

In these trying times, we hold on to our faith.

Loving God above all and obeying His Commandments;

Yearning to be back to Heavenly Father’s presence.

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