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Obstacles in Writing

Obstacles in Writing

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In my years of writing, I have experienced a significant number of obstacles in writing. Some of them are pretty much very common and easy to handle, but some do really test my capacity to write.

Even if I feel I have gained and honed enough knowledge and writing skills, when one or two obstacles in writing attack, I could be caught off guard. I’ve experienced having deep, frustrated sighs; looking blankly to an indefinite spot; scratching my head. But some may have experienced way more intense — gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair, even screaming or walking out and quitting!

If you are experiencing obstacles in writing, you need to be really knowledgeable about them.



Here is a list of some of the obstacles in writing I have experienced:

1. Writing Anxiety

2. Writer’s Block

3. Procrastination

4. Disruptions

Here are the obstacles in writing with their nature and definition:

Writing Anxiety is the uneasiness or distress with regards to writing. This negative feeling may be caused by fear of some sort,  at times identified, and at other times unknown. It is a mental trouble making the writer unable to write; or if he does write, the output is less remarkable. The occurrence of writing anxiety is a case to case basis since every writer has a different way, style, and preferences and expertise. A writer may feel anxiety towards writing a thesis while another is always comfortable with it. In another scenario, a writer may feel uneasy writing documentaries or feature stories while the other takes it with pleasure.

Writer’s Block is the cousin of writing anxiety because this could be its product. When writing anxiety strikes, expect that the writer’s block will follow. The writer’s block is a state when someone loses his ability to produce write-ups of good or high quality. This is a common affliction that writers will undergo at one time or another. It is the difficulty or even the inability to start, continue, or finish writing for reasons not associated with the lack of commitment, basic knowledge, or writing skills.

Procrastination is basically a bad habit of some writers wherein they delay for tomorrow some of their tasks when they could actually finish it right away. There are a number of reasons for this. It could be triggered by lack of commitment or motivation, lack of sense of fulfillment,  or mere fatigue or nonchalance.

Disruptions come in different forms. There are those that strive within the writer like emotional or psychological disturbances, physical challenges, or even socially related obstacles. Others occur outside — people, things, and events going on around you. Any of these could prevent you from producing good articles.

Obstacles in writing should be spotted early on before you experience them. Search and study. So when they happen to you, at least you will have a head start and you will have an idea on how to approach and overcome these obstacles in writing, otherwise you won’t be able to produce good quality articles, stories, or essays.

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