Kinds of Editorials


Editorials can be categorized according to their functions. Basically, all editorials comment on a certain issue, topic, subject matter or news event, so editorials of comment are most common. The different types of editorials may interlap, as a single editorial may serve various purposes. Yet for the purpose of identifying some common types, we can have the following:

1. News editorial. This editorial is based on a news item; sometimes it is an interpretative news with subtle opinions.

2. Informative editorial. It presents more factual background on an issue which needs proper and probably immediate dissemination to the public while it interprets and explains the significance of such to readers.

3. Editorial of commemoration or tribute. This represents the views of the campus paper and the school, as they pay tribute to leaders, organizers, heroes or heroines, achievers and other persons or institutions particularly on certain anniversaries, celebrations, and dates to remember.

4. Editorial of argumentation. This presents both sides of an issue or may cling to one side then proves its stand.

5. Editorial of appreciation or commendation.  This editorial praises or commends a worthy deed, an achievement, victory, or success.

6. Editorial or interpretation. This interprets and explains a particular situation or event and helps in some decisions to be made.

7. Editorial of criticism. This can be positive or negative yet costructive, for it comments on a wrongdoing, an evil act, or a futile action, yet it does not particularly attack the person/s involved.

8. Editorial of crusade. This seeks to obtain people’s support for a particular program or project.

9. Editorial of reputation. This is written in response to editorials of other papers contradicting their expressed opinions.

10. Editorial shorts. These are also called editorial liners, ten-second editorials, or one-punch editorials. These are short, meaty articles, usually of one to two sentences that appear below an editorial.

11. Picture editorial. This consists of a picture or group of pictures that exposes a wrongdoing and how it can be made right or be corrected.

12. Pooled editorial. This refers to a common editorial published by different papers which comes from a single source.

13. Editorial column.  This is a personalized editorial since it is by-lined by the columnist.

14. Editorial cartoon. This is a caricature, sketch, or drawing that portrays a message, usually commenting on, reacting to, or even predicting some incidents of wide interest.

15. Editorial of analogy. This analyzes a situation and compares it with something else.

(Note: Some editorials defy classification.)

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