Happy World Teachers’ Day!

(World Teachers’ Day, October 5, 2005)

Teachers day

Happy World Teachers’ Day to everyone!

Amidst the turbulent waters of educational crisis,

Poverty and the trying times, we can still choose to be happy;

Paragons of righteousness and proper values we ought to be,

Yearning for a better life, and wholesome environment as one big family.

teachers day #2

Teaching remains to be the noblest profession,

Eventhough teachers are poorly paid  but overworked;

A calling better than none from the patterns of the Master Teacher.

Called Rabbi, The Great Examplar, Jesus Christ, the Lord.

He loves us, undoubtedly, he pours upon us blessings everyday.

Even the trials and challenges are God’s blessings in disguise.

Remember to thank Him for this day and for everything else.

So let’s be happy for  God’s gifts of life and wisdom.

Doing one’s work well without equating with the pay

Assures the youth with teachers of integrity.

You and I form a family…looking forward to excellence and prosperity.

teachers day #4

Photos courtesy of courtesy of www.tenafly.k12.nj.us, eddlay.com and www.businesscardforyou.com

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