Characteristics of a Good Writer

Characteristics of a Good Writer

As promised,here are some characteristics of a good writer, a post similar to my previous one entitled Qualities of a Good Writer. But this one will give you additional ideas on what characteristics you need to attain to become a good and effective writer while is it enriched by great quotations from great writers.

There are a number of characteristics of a good writer, here are but a few of them:

1. Patient. Good and effective writing do not come overnight. You need to be patient. Good things happen when you wait and have an anticipating heart.

“Beginning writers must appreciate the prerequisites if they hope to become writers. You pay your dues—which takes years.”–Alex Haley

“Start early and word hard. A writer’s apprenticeship usually involves writing a million words (which are then discarded) before he’s almost ready to begin. That takes a while. –David Eddings

“However great a man’s natural talent may be, the act of writing cannot be learned all at once.” –Jean Jacques Rousseau

2. Hardworking. Every good thing one attains could be attributed to his hard work. If you work hard in your desire of being a good and effective writer, and not cheat or turn to undesirable shortcuts, you will have this feeling of fulfillment — one that money can’t buy…only through hard work.

Besides, writing is not always easy. It is challenging. It is not that easy to formulate ideas, convert ideas into words, construct good and comprehensible sentences and paragraphs, more so to create a strong and good influence to your readers.

“Writing is physical work. It’s sweaty work. You just can’t will yourself to become a good writer. You really have to work at it. –Will Haygood

“Easy reading is hard writing.” –Nathaniel Hawthrone

“When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing.” — Enrique Jardiel Poncela

2. Adaptable or Flexible. As a writer, specially if you’re still a student, you will not be able to choose all the topics you need to write about. Half of them if not all would be picked for or assigned to you. There could be negative moods that may prevent you from performing well in writing but you should beat and overcome those.

“I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing when you do that. Your mind must know it has to get down to work.” –Pearl S. Buck

3. Inspired and Motivated. You need to have an inspiration in order to be motivated in writing. But you should not always depend on inspiration. Do not make this the only basis whether or not you can produce a good story or not.

“Inspiration is wonderful when it happens, but the writer must develop an approach for the rest of the time… The wait is simply too long.” –Leonard Bernstein

4. Passionate about writing. Just like what I have mentioned in my post Qualities of a Good Writer, you must have a passion in writing. Among these five characteristics of a good writer, this is the most important one because once you have this, a love and passion for writing, everything else comes with it — you will be willing to be patient, hardworking, adaptable or flexible, and inspired and motivated.

“Obsession led me to write. It’s been that way with every book I’ve ever written. I become completely consumed by a theme, by characters, by a desire to meet a challenge.–Anne Rice

“You may be able to take a break from writing, but you won’t be able to take a break from being a writer.” –Stephen Leigh

“Only write from your own passion, your own truth. That’s the only thing you really know about, and anything else leads you away from the pulse.” — Marianne Williamson

You really can’t tell the exact time, day, or moment when you can exclaim “Tadah! I’m already a good and effective writer!” For me, becoming one is a continued and never-ending process, as there is always room for improvement and learning never ends.

So continue on learning, continue on writing, continue on gaining and enhancing the characteristics of a good writer!

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