The Servito Family

The Servito Family

Why “SERVITO’s KSS Learning Center”

First, it is a realization of a family dream; hence the business name. It is likewise a joint effort of hard work and enthusiasm, from the Servito’s: Mr. Domingo F. Servito, the patriarch, Mrs. Lourdes D. Servito, the mother, and their tres marias (from eldest to youngest) Ma. Dolour S. Navarra, Journa Liz S. Ramirez, and Ma. April Sunday D. Servito.

“KSS” stands for “Knowledge and Skills for Success.” The Servitos as a family of professionals and advocate of good education, believe that in order to attain success, one must acquire proper knowledge, put it into application, coupled with right the skills. Moreso, these two ingredients are the primary products the KSS Center offers — to assist each client and student gain success through knowledge and skills.

Motto: “Success is a Choice!”

The Servitos believe that to be victorious in whatever field, one must first choose to be a winner from the beginning. Once this vital choice is made, right knowledge and skills should go hand in hand with some undisputed social values of hard work, determination, inspiration, perseverance, prayer, and faith.

The SERVITO’s KSS Learning Center envisions itself as a reliable, strong, innovative, and globally- competitive educational institution providing meaningful opportunities for all its workers and clients to acquire and augment their knowledge and skills for success in the real world.

With Divine Guidance, the SERVITO’s KSS Learning Center carries out the mission of helping people succeed in life through the cordial sharing and imparting of knowledge and skills and utilizing these with wisdom.

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