10 Simple Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block


overcome writer's blockTo overcome writer’s block, you should have an idea what it actually is. You could surf the internet for articles about writer’s block. Since the writer’s block, by nature, is not anyway connected with a writer’s inadequate knowledge or writing skills, then it should be approached in another way — mentally, psychologically, or physically.

The following are simple tips to overcome writer’s block.

1. Eat healthy. You will have a healthy mind if you eat healthy and nutritious food. The brain is the human organ you use to write (basically the organ responsible for any human activity). So feed it with a healthy diet every day.

2. Exercise regularly. The habit of exercising regularly would also lead to, not just a healthy brain, but also a healthy you as a whole.

3. Change your surroundings. If you are writing for a long time in the same place, try transferring your laptop in another spot, say from your bedroom to your garage, or might as well in your garden (the surroundings in your garden has a more relaxing and pleasant site). Your brain also gets bored, and if it does you might experience writer’s block.

4. Stand up and stretch. If you get tired from long hours of sitting, your brain will feel pain on your back or shoulders. If any part of your body complains, your focus goes to such discomfort or pain instead of what you are writing about. Stretch your back; rotate your shoulders. In my case, I crack my knuckles to get rid of the uneasiness I acquire from hours of typing.

5. Do some breathing exercises. Writing could get you immobile and physically inactive for long hours simply because you do not need to be physically energetic to write. You just sit there, get your mind to work, and write. And if you are not that active, you only inhale casually and therefore get just a little amount of oxygen in your body. But being immobile for long period of time on a regular or daily basis is not a healthy habit. So, once in a while, in the middle of your writing tasks do some breathing exercises.

6. Leave your laptop and have a short walk. If doing some breathing exercises is not enough to get more oxygen in your body, take a stroll outside of your room or outside of your house. This is another way to relax your mind and sort of recharge.

7. Close your eyes for a few minutes. This is a good and simple way to relax not just your eyes but also your mind. Your eyes get tired also when you sit in from of your laptop and write for a long time.

8. Listen to one of your favorite songs. This is also another relaxing activity. Scientists say that music has a unique and remarkable way of extracting creative juices in our brain.

9. Stop thinking and clear your mind. It is ironic that one way to overcome writer’s block which basically means having your mind blank is also getting your mind go blank. Clearing your mind of anything especially the thing you are writing about helps the brain to relax.

10. Take a quick break and eat or drink something. A comfort food or a refreshing drink might help you refresh your mind.

You might have noticed that the word “relax” has a lot of things to do on how to overcome writer’s block. This is because we could write well and more smoothly when our brain is relaxed and free of stress or any discomforts.

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