How to write a good essay

Tips on how to write a good essay.

In order to write a good essay, there are a number of important things you need to take note of.

1. The first thing you need to do so you can write a good essay is to analyze the given question or the essay topic. Once you have misunderstood it or poorly examined it, it will lead you to a wrong direction and make your essay disconnected from that your teacher or professor wants you to touch on or write about.

2. You should have a well-composed and concise thesis statement. Teachers or professors give much emphasis on the thesis statement. They scrutinize it because it is like the heart of your essay. It is where all the rest of your sentences or paragraphs revolve around. The argument it carries should be strong and be persuasive enough, if it was a persuasive essay you are writing.

how to write a good essay

2. The facts you present on your essay should be strong and believable. Present it also in a an equally strong and believable way. A nature of anything could be changed by the way it is presented. Even if your facts are strong and believable by nature if you presented it poorly, it will also be perceived poorly.

3. You should have well-supported arguments, specially the argument laid down in the thesis statement. Present enough back up information.

4. Your references should be equally good. A well-written essay for a school assignment should be done with thorough researching and wide reading. Read from and refer to reliable sources.

5. Clarity is also a must. Even if you presented strong facts and good references if you presented it ambiguously, you will fail to write a good essay anyway. The clearness of the way messages are brought across in any form of writing is critical. An idea could be presented and perceived in totally different ways. Make sure your readers do not misunderstand the facts, arguments, and ideas you present in your essay.

6. There should be unity in your essay. The thoughts, arguments, supporting arguments, and details should be intertwined with each other. They all should be strongly connected with your thesis statement.

7. Follow the 3.5 essay format or style. It is an ideal format in essay writing. Learn its ins and outs and be guided to write a good essay.

The previous article I have posted entitled Tips in Essay Writing should give you additional important ideas that would enhance your essay.

Study more and do a lot of writing because it requires more than tips to be able to write a good essay.

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